Little USWNT Things

This is a blog dedicated to all of the little things that we as fans love about our USWNT. Submissions are welcomed and encouraged.

Man, Brazil is really roughing up the youngsters today.

Amber Brooks playing with that huge cut on her face. Girl’s a champ.


Mewis as left back?

And no Kriegs? Not sure how I feel about this. 

Can we just take a second and appreciate that monster of a shot Yael just took?

Pretty bummed about Pinoe not playing in the new league here, for a while anyway, but just imagine her and Louisa Necib playing in the same mid-field together. It’s going to result in some pretty gorgeous plays/goals I think. Kinda looking forward to seeing how those two work together. 

Thank you, Pia, for all that you’ve done for this team! 

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Little USWNT Things!

Hey, guys! I’m super sorry that I haven’t been around and posting. I had a super tough semester at school with all I had going on with classes (and pledging my fraternity!) Being a pre-med student is a hell of a lot of work :P I’m going to be posting again over Winter Break though! And may start looking into getting someone to run the blog with me to keep up with posting! So please send in any submissions you have to help get me up and running again! Thanks! :)

I think my favorite thing ever is when you can hear Hope screaming out directions to her defense.

Here at about 1:25. Submission from fearlesshopeful.

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