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This is a blog dedicated to all of the little things that we as fans love about our USWNT. Submissions are welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you, Pia, for all that you’ve done for this team! 

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USWNT Till I Die Baby: This is taking a lot of courage, but here it is. ›


I know you all don’t like personal stuff in the USWNT tag, but… fuck it. I am damn proud of myself. If you don’t want to read this, scroll past please. I promise this will be my only personal post.

I used to be really overweight. Like 70 pounds overweight. I was not confident, I felt like I had…

THIS. This is what this team is about. Inspiring young people everywhere to reach their goals. Showing that dreams do come true, that you can succeed if you put your mind to it. This team is an inspiration, and this shows it. You go, girl! Everybody keep this in mind as we enter 2013. Make resolutions and hold yourself to them. Whether it’s getting in shape and being more healthy, or finally getting that 4.0, set a goal and reach it. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Little USWNT Things!

Hey, guys! I’m super sorry that I haven’t been around and posting. I had a super tough semester at school with all I had going on with classes (and pledging my fraternity!) Being a pre-med student is a hell of a lot of work :P I’m going to be posting again over Winter Break though! And may start looking into getting someone to run the blog with me to keep up with posting! So please send in any submissions you have to help get me up and running again! Thanks! :)

Anonymous asked: Does anyone have any more information about the public training sessions they hold before the games on the victory tour? I am going to the game in chicago and am planning on attending the training session but I was wondering what time I should arrive in order to get good seats, how many people to expect, etc.?

People who frequent training sessions and games? Give this Anon a little help!

Here at about 1:25. Submission from fearlesshopeful.

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