Little USWNT Things

This is a blog dedicated to all of the little things that we as fans love about our USWNT. Submissions are welcomed and encouraged.

Submission from: x0okaty143

"I know that they would last maybe approximately six minutes." At about 1:10

Submission from: lostinmymind

"Scut. S-c-u-t. ‘A rabbit’s tail.’ The scut of the bunny was peeking out as it was behind the tree."

Submission from: juliyeahh

Submission from: lostinmymind

Submission from: tessicles and iseebeautyinallthings

Hey, guys.

This is a new blog dedicated to all things that fans love about our USWNT. Please feel to enter submissions to get this blog on its feet. Submit anything that you love about our USWNT as a whole, or about its individual players so that posting can begin immediately. Spread the word to other USWNT blogs and lovers of the sport. Thank you!