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This is a blog dedicated to all of the little things that we as fans love about our USWNT. Submissions are welcomed and encouraged.

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Together, anything is possible. Tag the crew that supports you.

From scoring 109 goals as a field player in high school to becoming the worlds greatest female goalkeeper. From getting benched in the 2007 World Cup semi-final against Brazil to getting a shut out and winning a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics against Brazil. From having major shoulder surgery nine months before the 2011 World Cup to winning the Golden Glove and Bronze Ball. Happy Birthday Hope. You’re the greatest.  

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Happy 30th Birthday Ali Krieger - 28th July 2014

"Since I’m further up on the field I’m able to be in the attack more. I’m usually there for every goal celebration and since I’m a rather big girl, and strong girl, people are just attracted to me. They want to jump on me. They want to give me hugs…and I’m there to catch them.”


Hope Solo outtake 

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They were surprised I was actually still alive when I walked in. I was thinking to myself just stay healthy, think positive, and maybe everything will be alright. That was a turning point in my life I remember that week in the hospital, thinking wow I hope my career isn’t over, I hope this isn’t it. This can’t be it. I want to continue to play and overcome this.
- Ali Krieger

…To play on natural grass is exquisite, especially when it has been manicured for an international match. The feel and touch of the ball rolling and bouncing takes on a much more velvety texture. The ground is more giving on the legs and slide tackles are not a form of self-inflicted torture….It does make a difference. It does matter….We are setting a tone that women are still not important enough. The CSA is using the Women’s World Cup as a launching pad to host the men’s World Cup in 2026. With all due respect, there is no way that any men’s national team would agree to play on a turf surface — we all know it. It just wouldn’t happen.


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